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Make Stannis Baratheon the main character of any other series.



Fullmetal Alchemist:

Al: “Brother, our mother is dead, but maybe we can bring her back using alchemy!”

Stannis: “No. That’s against the fundamental laws of alchemy. We’re not doing it.”

Harry Potter:

Ron: “Stannis, the troll just went into the girls’ bathroom! Hermione’s in there! What do we do?”

Stannis: “I’m going to get Professor McGonagall!”

Ron: “But there’s no time! We have to go in and save her!”

Stannis: “It’s the girls’ bathroom. We’re boys. We’re not allowed in there.”

Lord of the Rings:

Ring: “Staaaaannissssssss, Staaaaaaannissssss, put me on, Staaaaaannisssssss, you know you waaaaaant tooooooooooo.”

Stannis: “I’m supposed to take you straight to the Cracks of Doom and destroy you, so no, thank you.”

Ring: “But my powerrrrrrrrrrr…”

Stannis: “No means no. You be quiet now.”

#I think I just killed Hermione